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Jaseng Medical Academy is a global pioneer and leader in evidence-based medical education and training for integrative Korean medicine approaches to musculoskeletal disorders.
Jaseng Medical Academy provides a variety of online and offline courses on integrative Korean medicine diagnosis and treatment of musculoskeletal disorders, which bring together the strengths of allopathic medicine and Korean medicine. Its programs and courses are based on the academic research and integrated patient care conducted at Jaseng Hospital of Korean Medicine, which operates 25 Korean and U.S.-based clinics and hospitals, with 1,300+ inpatient beds and 300+ physicians providing a total of 1.6 million treatment sessions every year.

Jaseng Medical Academy provides various specialized integrative
Korean medicine medical education and training opportunities for physicians and healthcare professionals

Jaseng Medical Academy at Jaseng Hospital of Korean Medicine strives to further innovate integrative Korean medicine education with the latest advancements in research and evidence-based practice to enhance learning, strengthen performance, and create positive changes in clinical practice to significantly impact patient care and improve outcomes.

The academy's mission is to contribute to the lifelong education of physicians, healthcare professionals, medical students, and students pursuing advanced degrees in medical sciences throughout their careers by providing the finest integrative medicine education and training.

In pursuit of this mission, the academy joins Jaseng Hospital of Korean Medicine in its commitment to serve the needs of patients with spine and joint disorders by providing compassionate care and healthcare services on both a rural/local community-level and global-level through provision of quality education and training.

jaseng medical academy Integrative medicine education programs and courses offered at
Jaseng Medical Academy
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Learn about integrative medicine approaches to musculoskeletal disorders with a variety of programs designed to help you according to your proficiency and mastery level of Korean medicine. Whether you are new to integrative Korean medicine, or an experienced acupuncturist, integrative medicine doctor, or Korean medicine doctor looking to sharpen specific skills, our collection of courses will help you deepen your knowledge and improve your understanding of Korean medicine and compassionate care of people as people.


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